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If you have ever found an interest in or a need to get quality couples counseling, marriage, and family counseling, or therapy for your anxiety and depression, your anger management and bipolar disorder, or your trauma and PTSD, you will certainly know how important it is to choose a therapist that will be there for you. We here at Deena Souza - Allum, LMFT will always be there for each and every single one of our patients. We have extensive experience in the field of cognitive behavioral therapy, and we can always be counted upon to go above and beyond to provide you with the counseling and therapy that you need, at the affordable rates that you deserve.

Come to Deena Souza - Allum, LMFT today to find a therapist for self-esteem, trauma, and PTSD that you can really rely on. The best counselor therapist in Modesto, California can be found right here at Deena Souza - Allum, LMFT - so if you need to, make sure that you call us up right away to make an appointment.